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外研版八年级英语上册 Module3单词、测试题及谜底!

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  本文摘要:Module3【重点单词】1、baseball [ beisbɔ:l] n. 棒球2、volleyball [ vɔlibɔ:l] n. 排球3、boring [ bɔ:riŋ] adj. 无聊的;烦人的4、exciting [ik saitiŋ] adj.使人兴奋的;令人激动的5、relaxing [ri læksiŋ] adj. 令人愉悦的;使人轻松的6、score [skɔ:] vi.(体育角逐中)得分;记分7、already [ɔ:l redi] adv. 已经,早


Module3【重点单词】1、baseball [ beisbɔ:l] n. 棒球2、volleyball [ vɔlibɔ:l] n. 排球3、boring [ bɔ:riŋ] adj. 无聊的;烦人的4、exciting [ik saitiŋ] adj.使人兴奋的;令人激动的5、relaxing [ri læksiŋ] adj. 令人愉悦的;使人轻松的6、score [skɔ:] vi.(体育角逐中)得分;记分7、already [ɔ:l redi] adv. 已经,早已8、matter [ mætə] n.问题;贫苦9、What`s the matter 怎么了?10、hurt [hə:t] vt. 使受伤;使疼痛11、enjoyable [in dʒɔiəbl] adj. 有兴趣的;令人愉快的12、Olympics [əu limpiks] n. 奥林匹克运动会13、stadium [ steidiəm] n. 体育场14、miss [mis] v. 未击中;未到达15、mind [maind] v. vt. 介意,讨厌;阻挡16、plenty [ plenti] pron.大量;众多17、plenty of 大量;众多18、beat [bi:t] vi. 战胜;打败19、careless [ kεəlis] adj. 粗心的;疏忽的20、cheer…on 用欢呼声激励;为….加油21、coach [kəutʃ] n. 教练22、fan club球迷(或影迷、歌迷)俱乐部23、against [ə ɡenst] prep. (在角逐或战斗中)对(某人或某事物)24、train [trein] v. (体育)训练;练习25、practice [ præktis] n. 训练26、warm [wɔ:m] vt. 使温暖;使…温暖27、warm up 热身;做准备运动28、usual [ ju:ʒuəl] adj. 通常的,平常的29、better [betə] adv. 更好地;adj. 更好的30、after-school [ æftəskʊl] adj. 下午放学后的,课外的31、pleased [pli:zd] adj. 开心的;满足的32、pass [pɑ:s, pæs] vi. 传送;通报33、pity [ piti] n.惋惜;遗憾34、chance [tʃɑ:ns] n. 时机,可能性35、loudly [ laudli] adv. 高声地,响亮地36、confident [ kɔnfidənt] adj. 自信的【小测试】一. 单项选择1.Some boys think maths is English. I think so.A. much difficult than B. more difficult asC. less difficult than D. so difficult as2.It snows in Beijing than in Wuhan.A. more often B. often C. most often D. oftener3.--- Health is money.--- But I think it is money.A. as important as B. more important thanC. so important than D. the same as4.The movie is than that one.A. more interesting B. interestingC. interestinger D. much interesting5.--- Many people eat meat than they did before.--- Yes, that's why they're getting fatter and fatter.A. more B. less C. fewer D. much6.It's much to have a small lovely room than a big cold one.A. good B. well C. better D. best7. She planned everything I did.A. well than B. good than C. better than D. better8. The city is than the town away from the river.A. far B. farther C. so far D. much far9. Would you mind loudly at night?A. not to sing B. not sing C. singing not D. not singing10. When you play sport, you need to guard accidents.A. over B. against C. with D. at11. --- Time is money.--- But I think it's money.A. the same as B. as important asC. more important than D. so important than12. I think playing basketball is dangerous than swimming.A. much more B. very C. better D. much13. --- What do you think of the new student, Mike?--- Oh, he's really athletic and much than me.A. outgoing B. quiet C. more outgoing D. more quieter14. Lesson Two is than Lesson One.A. much difficult B. much more difficultC. the most difficult D. little difficult15. We can do the work with money than you.A. better; less B. better; fewer C. good; less D. best; little16. I don't like the soap opera (肥皂剧). It's very b.17. Don't say it like that. You can't bme in the game.18. Tom is so cthat he took Jim's book by mistake.19. You have to pmore if you want to learn English better.20. My family was poor in the past. I had no cto go to college.21. Don't talk so l. You should keep quiet in the library.22. It is a pthat the weather is so bad today. We can't go to a picnic.23. I like my job, because it's r.24. The children had abeen asleep when I got home.25. Lucy believes in herself very much. She is quite c.三. 单词拼写(凭据中文提示拼写单词)26. To our surprise, the girls finally (打败) the boys.27. Doing more listening (训练) every day is very important.28. He often leaves his homework at home. How (粗心) he is!29. We had an exam yesterday and our teacher was(满足的) with our marks.30. He is very glad to have a (时机) to practice his English.31. Thank you very much for everything. It's really an (愉快的) evening.32. --- Let's play music.--- That sounds (轻松).33. The fans cheered (高声地) for their football team.34. It's a (遗憾的事) that you can't come to the party.35. I've spent all my money (已经).四. 翻译(凭据中文提示完成句子)36. 新闻节目比情景喜剧更具有教育意义。News is more sitcoms.37. 以后在这座都会将会有更多的树木,更少的污染。There will be trees and pollution in the city in future.38. 你有富足的钱买一架钢琴吗?Do you have money to buy a piano?39. 我们尽可能早到以便我们有时间做热身运动。

We will arrive as early as we can so that we have time to .40. 他们高声地为我们欢呼加油,我们感应更有信心赢得角逐了。They us loudly and we feel more confident to win the game.五. 完形填空If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you can visit the Harry Potter Theme Park (主题公园). It's a great 41 for you. The park is in the US. Lots of people 42 it every day. People 43 7 to 67 years old like to go there.What can 44 see and do in the park? They can see 45 places in the movies, for example, the school, the stores and the restaurants. They can 46 into these places. They can also 47 things or eat food there. 48 they must use the money in the movies. There are some 49 in the school and they can even sleep there at night. Some people may 50 the chance(时机) to fly.Welcome to Harry Potter Theme Park!41. A. book B. place C. zoo D. country42. A. visit B. think C. watch D. read43. A. between B. over C. from D. for44. A. he B. she C. they D. you45. A. any B. more C. all D. some46. A. have B. go C. stay D. speak47. A. buy B. sell C. give D. meet48. A. And B. But C. Or D. So49. A. beds B. clothes C. trees D. desks50. A. know B. need C. bring D. get六. 阅读明白AFootball is, I think, the most favorite game in England: one has only to go to one of the important matches to see this. Rich and poor, young and old, one can see them all there, shouting for one side or the other.To a stranger, one of the most surprising things about football in England is the great knowledge of the game that even the smallest boy seems to have. He can tell you the names of the players in most of the important teams, he has pictures of them and knows the results of large numbers of matches. He will tell you who he hopes will win such and such a match, and his ideas about football are usually as good as those of men three or four times his age.51. is the most favorite game in England.A. basketball B. football C. tennis D. soccer52. Strangers are about the knowledge of the game Englishmen have.A. happy B. crazy C. surprised D. afraid53. The football knowledge of a small boy is an adult.A. as much as B. as little as C. less than D. more thanBSkin diving(潜泳) is a new sport today. This sport takes you into a wonderful new world. It is like a visit to the moon! When you are under water, it is easy for you to climb big rocks because you are no longer heavy.Here, under water, everything is blue and green. During the day, there is enough light. When fish swim nearby, you can catch them with your hands.When you have tanks(罐子) of air on your back you can stay in deep water for a long time. But you must be careful.To catch the fish is one of the most interesting parts of this sport. On the other hand, you can clean the ships without taking them out of water. You can get many things from the deep sea.Now you can see that skin diving is both useful and interesting.54. Skin diving can take you to .A. the moon B. mountainsC. the sun D. the deep sea55. You can climb big rocks under water because .A. you are strongB. the fish can help youC. you are not as heavy as on the landD. there is a lot of light56. A skin diver under water in the day.A. can see everything clearly during the dayB. can't see anything clearlyC. can see nothingD. can see only fishes57. With a tank of air on your back, you can .A. catch fish very easilyB. stay under water for a long timeC. be in safe placeD. have more fun58. Which of these sentences is NOT true?A. Skin diving is a new sportB. Skin diving is like visiting the moonC. The only use of skin diving is to have more funD. Skin diving is both interesting and usefulCLittle Peter is a boy of nine. He began to go to school the year before last and now he's in Grade Three. He lives not far from the school but he's often late for class. He likes watching TV in the evening and goes to bed late, so he can't get up on time in the morning.This term Mrs Black, Peter's aunt, works in Peter's school. he teaches Grade Three maths. he's strict with Peter and often tells the boy to obey(遵守) the school rules and come to school on time. Yesterday morning Peter got up late. When he hurried to school, it was a quarter past eight. His aunt was waiting for him at the school gate.“You're ten minutes late for the first class, Peter.” Mrs Black said angrily. “Why are you often late for class?”“Every time, when I get to the street corner, I always see a guidepost. It says, 'SCHOOL-GO SLOW!'”59. Peter is in school for years.A. one and a half B. twoC. more than two D. three60. Peter is often late for school because .A. he likes watching TVB. he goes to bed lateC. he can't sleep well at nightD. he can't get up on time in the morning61. Mrs Black is a .A. worker B. teacher C. guard D. policeman62. The first class begins at .A. ten to eight B. eightC. five past eight D. fifteen past eight63. The guidepost is for .A. drivers B. Peter C. students D. teachersDHobbies are very important to a person. Without having any hobby, life won't be as colorful as it should be. I have a number of hobbies, such as collecting stamps, playing musical instruments(乐器), reading, and doing sport activities. When I am free, I will spend time on my hobbies. When I am in a blue mood(情绪降低), I will also do my hobbies to cheer myself up. Hobbies can help us improve our moods. Many hobbies need you to put your heart into them. For example, when you play a musical instrument, you have to practice over and over in order to perform good music. After a long time if you still enjoy it, slowly it will become a hobby of yours. But, remember: A hobby is like gold under the ground; no hobby will come to you unless you dig it out yourself. If you can treat study as one of you hobbies, learning will be more enjoyable. I hope all of you can find your own hobbies and also have fun from them.64. Hobbies can make life .A. boring B. colorful C. busy D. free65. How many hobbies does the writer have?A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. D. More than four.66. When the writer is free, what does he do?A. Go over his lessons. B. Read his books.C. Spend time on his hobbies. D. Help his parents.67. If your hobby is playing a musical instrument, you need to .A. practice over and overB. watch others play again and againC. lie in bed and think about itD. do your homework well68. How do we make our study enjoyable?A. Treat it as a hobby. B. Spend a lot of time on it.C. Sleep at night. D. Don't sleep in class.七. 漫笔7选5(5选5等)People all over the world enjoy sports. Sports help people to keep healthy, happy and live longer.Many people like to watch other people play different games. They buy tickets or turn on the TV to watch the games. 69.Sports change with seasons. 70. Swimming is good in summer, but skating is good in winter.Games and sports often grow out of (源于) people's work and everyday activities. Many people in Inner Mongolia hunt and fish for living. 71.Some sports and games go back thousands of years ago, such as running or jumping. But football is rather new. People are starting new sports all the time. 72.People from different countries may not be able to understand each other, but they often become good friends after they do sports together.A. Water skiing is one of the newest sports.B. After doing sports, you may feel very tired.C. People play different games in summer and winter.D. Hunting and fishing are very good sports, too.E. They feel very excited when their favorite players or teams win.八. 阅读与表达(问答式)Traffic safety is one of the most important problems in today's world. Since 1896 till now, more than 35,000,000 people have been dead in traffic accidents all over the world.People are often killed while crossing the road. Most of these people are old people and children. Children are often killed because they are not careful enough. They forget to look and listen before they cross the road.If kids walk or ride their bikes to school, they need to know the rules of the road. They should stop, look at the right, then back to the left again before they cross a road. On city streets, they have to listen to the crossing policemen and cross the street only on the crosswalk(人行横道). If there are no crossing policemen, cross the street when the traffic light is green.If kids ride bikes to school, they should walk their bikes when crossing streets instead of riding them.It's time for us to do something to stop traffic accidents. The best and easiest thing for us to do is to follow the traffic rules.凭据漫笔内容,完成下列小题。73. How many people in the world have been dead in traffic accidents since 1896?74. Why are children often killed by cars?75. Are there any crossing policemen on city streets or in the countryside?76. What is the best thing for the kids to do to stop traffic accidents?77. Should schools teach kids street rules to keep them safe?【谜底】一. 单项选择1. C 2. A 3. B 4. A 5. A6. C 7. C 8. B 9. D 10. B11. C 12. A 13. C 14. B 15. A16. boring 17. beat 18. careless 19. practice 20. chance21. loudly 22. pity 23. relaxing 24. already 25. confident三. 单词拼写(凭据中文提示拼写单词)26. beat 27. practice 28. careless 29. pleased 30. chance31. enjoyable 32. relaxing 33. loudly 34. pity 35. already四. 翻译(凭据中文提示完成句子)36. educational than 37. more,less 38. plenty of39. warm up 40. cheer, on五. 完形填空41. B 42. A 43. C 44. C 45. D46. B 47. A 48. B 49. A 50. D六. 阅读明白51. B 52. C 53. A 54. D 55. C56. A 57. B 58. C 59. C 60. D61. B 62. C 63. A 64. B 65. D66. C 67. A 68. A七. 漫笔7选5(5选5等)69. E 70. C 71. D 72. A八. 阅读与表达(问答式)73. More than 35,000,000.74. Because they are not careful enough. /Because they forget to look and listen before they cross the road /Because they are not careful enough. They forget to look and listen before they cross the road75. On city streets. /There are some/many crossing policemen on city streets.76. Following the traffic rules. /To follow the traffic rules.77. Yes, they shouⅠd.。



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